Monday, September 21, 2009

Too Expensive

My sister came over for breakfast on Sunday morning. She was working out a financial analysis with me. She's brilliant at that.

We started to talk about home improvements. She wants to get some painting done. I said why don't you call my friend/colleague Claire . "She's too expensive." my sister replied.

"Who's going to do it?" I asked.

She said, "Ronnie, a kid in the neighborhood. He said he'd do it but he never shows up when he says he will." I asked "How long has that been going on?" She replied "a couple of months."

"There's a guy at church who lost his job. He came over took a look at the job and said 'not interested,' my sister went on.

I wish my sister would realize that these solutions are not really cheaper and she should just call Claire. Claire will show up, be prepared and can be 100% trusted in your home. She will quote a fair price but it won't be as cheap as Ronnie or the unemployed guy from church.

Claire is not cheaper because she knows the value of her work. There is a cost to travel, being on time, scheduling jobs, having the right materials, understanding the scope of the job and planning to execute in a timely manner. She considers that cost and adds additional budget for her time and expertise. This is her business and she takes it seriously.

If my sister factored in the cost of her time, living with her unpainted space for months and managing contractors that don't show up she'd realize that Claire is a real value.

I like to do business with professionals that know their value.

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