Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sales Blitz

Sales Blitz' are an old technique but very effective. If you haven't done one in a while or never have done one - now is a great time.

A sales blitz is conducted by devoting a whole day to focus your sales staff entirely on calling and qualifying prospects. If there are customers you would like to reactivate or sell more to, add them to the list.

Here are some techniques you can use:
  • Send a letter/email/communication to your prospect base telling them you'll be having a sales blitz. Notify the prospect of the date.
  • If possible, have inside sales people or telemarketers call and say "our sales rep will be visiting you on next week Tuesday". If they don't reach the prospect, have the caller leave a voicemail.
  • If you don't have an inside sales staff or callers, have your reps make the calls.
  • Add an incentive for the prospect that is appropriate for your business: coupons, premiums, (golf balls, maps, product samples, etc.) Get creative
  • Have your sales people go out and make qualifying prospect visits on the date that was announced.
  • Set a target of how many prospects you'd like to connect with.
  • Reward the sales rep that makes the most connections and announce the winner
  • Have fun with it!

A sales blitz can be conducted with an inside sales force as well. Follow the same format but use calling versus personal visits.

Sales Blitz' is are a great way to create a surge of prospects and positive energy in your organization.

Now's a good time. You can create one on your own or you can call me if if you'd like help organizing a blitz.

Get out there and sell something . . .

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