Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Connecting with Prospects

Genuine connections take time to build and require trust.

They don't happen immediately. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you received a referral or the prospect is very cordial and polite you've made a connection. A lot of things could be going on with this person and it's your job to find out what's going on with them.

There are several broad personality types and communication styles to be aware of. It's important to know your own style, be aware of others' style and understand how you can adapt.

4 Broad Types of Buyers are:

The Great Friend Buyer: This person is open, shares information easily, will want to know about your family and tell you about theirs. When you ask about their weekend they really want to tell you. They enjoy meetings.

The Technical Buyer: This person wants to know everything about your product and service. They'll research your company and competition. They may create their own spreadsheet analysis. They will read and understand your contact. This person will not be pushed into making a decision. Take your time with them.

The Bottom Line Buyer: This person wants facts, and fast. Make sure you can think on your feet and answer questions. You'll be dismissed quickly as incompetent if you don't know your product, competition and their business. They want to make a good, informed decision and work with someone they can trust.

The Steady Buyer: This person may be very polite and quiet. They may smile and nod as you talk. They will take information for review later. This person wants to trust you and understand your information and process. They may have reservations and questions they are not sharing with you. It's your job to get this person to talk.

As a sales person you need to address each type of buyer by understanding what they want and giving it to them. If you are in a conference room with a group of buyers, it's likely all types of buyers will be represented in that room. It's your job to learn who they are and what they value by asking questions.

A great little sales contest to give yourself is to measure how much talk in meetings. If you are talking more than 50% of the time, you are talking to much.

Listen to the buyer and they will tell you exactly what it will take to get the deal.

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