Monday, September 28, 2009

Learn How People Like to Communicate

There once was a statistic that it would take five points of contact to get the attention of a prospect. With all the methods of communication out there today; email, voicemail, phone calls, face to face meetings, twitter, text messaging, the statistic could be higher. Learn how your prospect likes to communicate and then use the method they prefer. You'll learn which method that is by listening. If they never respond to emails, emails are probably not the preferred method.

I left a detailed voicemail for a client. He called back, ready to talk but unaware of what I discussed in the voicemail. When I asked about it, he said, "I never listen to voicemails. I get 120 a day. When I see a number on the caller ID that I want to speak to, I call back." He also wasn't responding to my emails. He said, "I have three addresses, I only check one regularly. I get 500 emails a day."

This guy is stretched. I use the email he checks very sparingly and type whatever is relevant in the subject line so he can see the message right away. I no longer waste time leaving voicemails he won't listen to. I call only when I have key information that will move our project forward. When I do call, I am prepared with bullet points of what I want to discuss so that our call is meaningful. I want him to trust that when I reach out to him, I'm bringing value and this communication will be worth his while.

As you communicate with your prospects, use the communication method they are most comfortable with and start earning trust and building your connection.

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