Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Earning the Right

"Don't confuse Activity with Productivity" -- Unknown

Did you ever get the feeling someone is trying to sell you something?

I was introduced to a woman who does public speaking for a living. I approach all connections tentatively. I want to really get to know a person before I give them a recommendation or invite them into my busines circle.

The woman had high energy, was very flashy and extremely enthusiastic. I took a look at her website. To me, it looked like lots of fluff and no substance. I could be wrong. I haven't gotten to know her yet.

We tried to schedule a meeting. Our schedules didn't permit so I suggested a phone call. I didn't hear back.

I then received an E-zine from her in my email in box. I hit unsubscribe. She hasn't learned about me or my business. She has no idea what I want to accomplish. At this point I'm not open to receiving marketing materials. She hasn't earned the right to send me the information. She hasn't asked for permission. She has not yet been invited into my business circle.

Making a genuine connection with your prospect is one of the Sales Basics.

When sales reps make lots of contacts and send out a volume of marketing materials they think they are being very productive. The truth is they have a lot of activity going on but no real thoughtful approach. Once in a while a connection sticks and they might get lucky. I wonder how many they alienate with their approach?

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