Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Increase the Success of Cold Calls

I received a call from a woman that said 'we'd like to have a lunch and learn for all of your employees'. My response was 'no thanks' and I hung up.

What did she do wrong in her Cold Calling process? Lots of things.

She literally picked up the phone and made a request. Cold calling that way will be filled with rejection.

A different approach would be to target companies that are interested in your service. I don't even know what her service was. I'll make the assumption it was health insurance.

Here's a better way to call.
  1. Do your homework before you call - does this company fit the profile of a company that would provide health insurance for it's employees?
  2. Check the website - do they have employees? Read their press releases, understand what is important to the company. Check for executive names so you can ask for a specific person when you call.

Now try this: "Good Morning, I took a look at your website and noticed you have a large call center. Do you provide health insurance for those employees?"

Do you see the difference? By doing some research on the company you are starting to build a connection. You're starting to earn the right to ask questions and build a relationship with this company. It will likely take more calls to actually engage them into allowing you to present information on health insurance benefits. With the information you gain from this call, you're beginning to build a database of information so you can continue to target this company. Make sure your track the information in your CRM so next time you call you are not starting all over.

Don't make cold calls. Do your research first the market will appreciate it and you'll increase your success ratio.

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