Friday, September 18, 2009


There's one theory in sales that the price should not be disclosed until the very, very end. The prospect needs to listen to your features and benefits and understand them fully before you'll give them a number.

As a consumer I find that frustrating. I want to know if the product or service is within the range of something I can afford. Once I know the price I'll be more interested to understand the features and benefits and the value that the price is based upon.

I have two apartments to rent and thought it would be fun to advertise them on a local Chicago blog. A friend suggested a national blog with a local presence. I've looked at the site, read the media kit, sent an email, exchanged a phone call and still don't have a price. I'm getting frustrated with this national blog with a local presence. I think I'll find some edgy Chicago writer with a loyal readership that'll be grateful some advertising revenue landed in their lap.

With FullCircle Management's services our minimum pricing for a TeleIntelligence B2B calling program is approximately $8,400. That's the price a company might spend on a trade show booth, on a print advertising page, or a direct mail piece. Our programs show consistent measurable ROI. If $8,400 scares a company I'd like to know sooner than later.

Our CRM, SalesInSync, is $30 per user per month - the cost of one lunch per sales person. If a company will not invest $30 a month in their sales person, I'd like to know sooner than later.

My philosophy is to put your number on the table and begin negotiating from there.

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