Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Social Marketing

Business owners seem to think Social Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, SEO are the holy grail and business will come flowing effortlessly to them.

Social Marketing, in a way, is the holy grail. It's extremely powerful marketing. It's an inexpensive tool to help build a following, connect with your customers and bring more business to you. It provides immediate, measurable results.

A business however, cannot avoid, the "Basics of Sales".

An executive told me recently that her business received 1100 Facebook hits and 25 customers. My reply was 'that's great! Now you have a decision to make, you can either increase your Facebook hits or increase your close ratio. If the metrics are right and 1100 hits bring 25 customers will 2200 hits bring 50? Or is there a way to increase the number of conversions from 1100 hits? These are happy problems.

In addition, the 25 immediate customers don't represent the whole picture. 1100 prospects or clients have increased their awareness of her products and may result in sales later.

This business sells promotional buttons to rock and roll bands. Facebook is a great tool for them. It reaches their target market.

Facebook is not, today, a great tool for a manufacturing firm that sells coil to OEMs. Chances are their customers are not on Facebook and not looking for product information there. By following the Basics of Sales, businesses need to listen to their customers and reach their targets with media that they use and value.

By listening and employing solid sales skills, social marketing is the holy grail and can be very, very powerful.

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