Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't Lie

There were a couple of great responses to the Don't Lie post.

One said,

"I think many salespeople might think a short-term gain is fine, since they'll change companies and somebody else will have to pay for their dishonesty."

This reader is correct. Some think short term gain is OK and they won't get caught. They're even rewarded by their employers for their tactics. Sure I've worked with people like this. I'd like to say that they weren't successful but they often were. Companies are so desperate for cash flow in our economic system, the leaders will turn a blind eye to those that generate revenue. It's one way to build a business but it's not my dream.

The writer goes on to use Bernie Madoff as an example. Even though our current economic climate is difficult, I like it. This economy exposes businesses that are shells and not truly profitable. Most businesses are not profitable. I think it's an exciting time and an opportunity to create true economic strength.

Another commenter states, "I get those annoying lie-calls at home all the time and don't buy into them. They are a waste of their time. Lying to me is insulting. If I had a SPAM button on my phone, I would hit it! I don't care how busy I am, I KNOW who has called me."

If your company's goal is to deliver with integrity and build a system of effortless success where your customer's come to you and gladly pay for the value that you bring don't lie and don't hire people who do.

Wouldn't it be a fun way to work and live? Imagine what we could create.

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