Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Vision

When Full Circle Management was created, the vision was to work with companies to help them create an environment that was devoted to profitable growth that included the whole company. New business development is not the sole job of the sales force. If they don't have a competitive product and a good team focused on the same goals of thoughtful execution and profitable growth the sales person is hanging out on a shingle when they make their calls. We also thought creating an environment like this would be fun. The companies would be fun places to work at. The successes would permeate throughout the company, not resonate with just a few that seem to earn suspicious bonuses when goals aren't met.

Since 2001 we've helped some companies achieve part of the vision we are trying to create. We are working on attracting the the company that will invest in such a vision. The time is now. Since the credit market has tightened up, companies only have the strength of their delivery to rely on.

One of our favorite companies that has done so well in creating this new business development environment where the customers win, the employees win, the management team wins and the sales people must hold their heads pretty high when calling under this corporate logo is

Abt has achieved the dream and the vision.

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