Sunday, August 30, 2009

Six Sigma and the Sales Process

The term Six Sigma means that in each process there will be 3.4 errors or less in 1 million occurrences. The six sigma measurement is a process to use why trying to attain virtual perfection each time you take an action.

I am a Six Sigma trained Green Belt. At GE Capital, I led a project team under the direction and support of a Black Belt to reduce the sale cycle. We looked at every point of contact a prospect had with the company until the first check was cashed. By analyzing this process, we eliminated much of the inefficiency, identified room for improvement and reduced the sales cycle by 50%.

It's hard to make an argument against use quality management principles at your organization.

In this fear-based economy where many organizations are seeking quick hits, you can't go wrong by evaluating the quality of your processes. The improvement in financial rewards, competitive advantage and organizational harmony will astound you.

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