Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Commission Programs

I'm not a fan of paying sales people 100% commission. When you do, you attract 'just anybody' to come and work for you. In addition, they almost always have second or third jobs.

When your sales reps are not making any money they are desperate and operating out of fear to get the sale. They'll use manipulation tactics with the prospects or the company they work for. Don't build your business on this week foundation.

I just saw Greg Wittstock, the pond guy, give a talk for a group of Presidents of small businesses. Greg honestly acknowledged business was down. He also said that he has guaranteed his sales reps salaries until 2010 so they can stay focused on sales and growing his company and not worry about paying their mortgages.

I fully support Greg and wish him tons of success. Seems like his company is embracing The Vision.

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