Monday, November 16, 2009

The Tone of Your Voice

When you are making calls, the prospects and customers only have the tone of your voice to go by. They don't have your appearance, your dress, eye contact or smiling face to connect with. Your voice has to carry it alone.

To make the most of it, speak slowly. Smile when you pick up the phone, the prospect will hear it on the other end. Visualize that the call will go positively and the outcome will be successful. Connect with the prospect, use their name in conversation. Be your genuine self, don't sound scripted. Listen and respond appropriately. Speak normally. Time is valuable, make sure the call is worth their while.

Tape record your calls so you can really listen to how you sound. Do you use 'um, uhh, or other fillers? Do you lack self-confidence or enthusiasm? Are your words enunciated well? Do you use slang?

Do you sound like someone that you'd like to talk to? People make the decision within the first 20 seconds of the call, whether or not they will let you continue. Make sure you earn it.

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