Monday, November 9, 2009


When you are addressing your prospect, make sure to get their name right. If you're speaking the name make sure to pronounce it correctly. If it's an unusual name, ask for clarification. Your prospect will be grateful that you did. They are used to having their unusual name mispronounced and it may be frustrating to them.

If you're composing an email, double check to make sure you got the spelling right. If you mispell their name, it shows you don't pay attention to detail.

When you're on the phone, remember to say their name at least three times. It feels awkward to you but sounds very reassuring to them.

Here's an example:

"So Gregg, I understand you like our system but are currently in a contract. Is that correct?"


"Gregg, this is my core business and I understand it very well. I'm familiar with competitors' contracts and there's always an out clause. I'd be happy to review it for you."

"I'm uncomfortable with that."

"Makes perfect sense, Gregg. I appreciate your loyalty to your vendor. Let me give you some areas to check for . . . "

Get it? Doesn't it sound so much more natural and collaborative?

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