Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feel, Felt, Found

I love sales. I especially love salespeople who invest in the process and sell with integrity.

I can always spot an old, IBM-trained salesman. They'll talk about the technique of using "Feel, Felt, Found".

Feel, Felt, Found is a memory trick to help handle objections that must've been taught at the impressive IBM sales training programs back in the day.

Here's how it works. The words Feel, Felt, Found are used to handle any objection.

Let's take my favorite, 'the price is too high.'

"Now Jack, based on all we've discussed to this point, I understand you feel the price is too high."

Jack, I can understand why you feel that way. Many of my long-standing customers once felt that way too.

After they used our systmes and analyzed the cost savings this is what they found . . .

Feel, Felt, Found. Isn't it a fun way to remember how to handle objections?

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