Friday, November 6, 2009

That was Then, This is Now

It's true. The credit market has dried up. The banks have called in their loans and changed their terms. We all knew they had the power to do so, we just didn't think they'd every really do it. Surprise.

There's another way to bring revenue to your business, by getting new customers.

Quit complaining about the lack of financing. Get out there, create some value, and sell profitable goods and services to your customers.

If you think it can't be done, look to companies that do it successfully as a model, like Abt Appliances. Appliances and electronics are a commodity. Abt has found their competitive advantage, service, delivery, a fun experience when you go to their stores, thoughtful growth.

It can be done. Go do it. You'll create a powerful, profitable company by bringing in one new customer at a time. You won't need the banks. Won't that be fun?

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