Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Unreturned Call or Email

Here's the scenario. You met with a prospect or made a cold call. They said they were interested. They actually said "send me some info."

You did. You sent a thoughtful email and made a follow up call and then . . . 'nothing.'

Now the demons in your head are saying:

"The competition is way better than us anyway."
"Our prices are too high"
"He was just being nice. He wasn't really interested."
"If he was interested, he would call."
"He probably wasn't impressed with what I sent."
"They'll just do it in-house."

Here's what may have really happened:

"They never got the message."
"If they did get it, it got lost in a huge To Do list and a follow up call would be much appreciated."
"They received it but didn't understand it. They are not an expert in your business."
"They took some vacation."
"They were in meetings."
"They were travelling on business."

Don't quit before you even get started. The only way you'll know what is going on is to call and ask or email again. Keep following up, in a pleasant, persistent way, until you know what is going on.

Go ahead, follow up right now. If you don't your competition will.
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