Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Hourly Rate is not always an Hourly Rate

When we create TeleIntellgence Calling Programs, calling hours are billed at $45.00 and administrative hours (typing, distributing leads, updating reports) are billed at $25.00 an hour.

Sometimes, I get push back from clients. They say 'we have a admin we pay $15.00 an hour. We'll update the database ourselves.' Well you can, however our admin, Ryan, is freakishly fast and freakishly accurate. He types at 80 words at minute virtually error free. I've seen him whip through databases of thousands of names in just three to four hours. This is our core business. He knows what to watch out for and what errors to correct intuitively on the spot. Once he's done, we can hit the ground running with calling. While on the surface $15.00 an hour might seem less expensive for an investment of approximately $100 you can get your database updated quickly and accurately.

It might cost the same $100 at the $15 an hour rate, however, it will take longer and I'm sure there will be more errors.

When you hear an hourly rated quoted, take some time to understand the expertise that goes into that rate so you can accurately assess whether or not it is truly 'too expensive'.

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