Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask the Experts

Since our business is lead generation, my clients want to make sure they are investing their money wisely to generate quality leads that will ultimately result in new business. Almost any business is willing to make an investment they can be sure they will get a return on.

I know for sure that direct calling is the most effective way to build a database of qualified prospects and to learn if they have a need for your service now. I know for sure that if the business imports the data into a CRM and markets to them overtime, they will have a qualified pipeline of opportunities that will produce results over time.

Managing the CRM is the single most basic effective marketing tactic a business can employ. You might be surprised at how many businesses:

  1. Do not have a CRM at all

  2. Have a CRM where the data is inaccurate

  3. Do not consistently update the CRM

  4. Do not insist that their sales people use the CRM in the sales process

  5. Do not use the data that is in their CRM for strategic marketing

Establishing and maintaining a CRM is the most basic, necessary lead management step.

After that, there are a host of tools a business can employ: direct sales, telemarketing, social marketing, pr, events and I'm sure more than I am listing here.

Which one the best? In my opinion it's the one the business commits to and manages wisely, continually evaluating the channel for effectiveness. Any tactic can work if you work it.

Since I am not the expert on every channel, I've invited a group of experts to discuss marketing tactics they think are effective and discuss why to give us all ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of our marketing channels and enable us to use our marketing budget wisely.

Please check back for posts from Guest Bloggers.

If you would to submit a topic for consideration, please email me.

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